FANTASTIC! I couldn’t have asked for better representation.

“I contacted Mr. Petersen with only one week until my arraignment. Even with such short notice, he educated me on the specifics of my case and what I needed to do in order to produce the best possible outcome. Philip was sincere in caring that I was as least affected as possible and directed me on how to help him make that happen. I’ve always had a pre-conception regarding attorneys that they simply wanted to get your money and could care less what happened with your case… This is no longer my opinion thanks to Mr. Petersen. I am happy to say that upon completion of my arraignment this morning, not only did he secure the best possible outcome for me, I have no further court proceedings entirely. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone! Of course if you’re reading this you’ve been in better spots, but I assure you he will get the job done and you will be nothing short of extremely satisfied with his work.” – Jazmine

Hasn’t lost a case for me yet!!!

“In 2007 I unfortunately had gotten a dui and totalled my car. I had never had a lawyer before and as you may know, it’s not the easiest task to find one. I was referred by a friend to Phil Petersen so I figured word of mouth is a good option. Phil was very professional, and very realistic when explaining the consequences. After a long fight with the courts he was able to get my whole case dismissed! This seemed nearly impossible considering I had blown a .144 and crashed into another driver (she was okay). I’ve also used Phil with a few speeding tickets in which he was also able to drop. All in all this guy is my savior! He has very reasonable prices and extremely reliable! I refer Phil to anyone who gets a ticket or even just needs legal advice. ” – Shannon

My favorite attorney

“I’ve used Petersen Law several times for traffic tickets and also referred them to several of my friends who have used them as well. Everyone I’ve referred them to has always been pleased with the service offered. Very reasonable cost and very little involvement needed from the client. Typically, I call them, give them my ticket information and they run with it. A short while later I get informed that my ticket was dismissed. I don’t have to take time off work to make a court appearance, no ticket on my record, and no insurance rate hikes. When you consider the fine itself and the potential for insurance rate increases, it’s clear this is the only way to go.” – Sunny