Will I lose my license and can I try to prevent this?

If you were arrested for DUI, physical control, or minor DUI, you are likely facing a suspension or revocation of your license through the Department of Licensing. You should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible after your arrest for advice. In addition, certain criminal convictions will result in a license revocation or suspension. An experienced attorney can advise you if you may be facing a license suspension or revocation in your case. You can call us to schedule a free consultation regarding your license, (253) 336-6384.

Do I need to go to court if I have a lawyer?

You will need to attend all court appearances unless your lawyer has advised you that your attendance is not required. If you fail to appear for court and you do not have permission to not be present, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest. On traffic infractions, you usually do not need to appear, our office can appear on your behalf.

Would getting letters from my friends or family saying I am a good person help my case?

Possibly, particularly if these letters can explain that the crime charged is out of character for you and why. These “character witnesses” would not be admissible at trial but could be used at sentencing to support a recommendation for a lenient sentence.

I got into an accident. What should I tell my insurance company?

You should tell your insurance company that your car was in an accident and that you are under investigation for DUI. You should not talk to the insurance company about the specifics of the case or what happened it may later be used against you. Note, just because you are accused of DUI does not mean that they will not insure the accident.

What penalties am I facing?

This depends on your prior criminal history, specifically any DUI or physical control related history, and the specific facts of your case. The mandatory minimum sentence a judge must impose on a DUI or physical control conviction increases dramatically based on your criminal history and the breath or blood test results or an allegation of a refusal.

If I am convicted of DUI can I travel to Canada?

Canada has very strict rules about allowing entry to people convicted of crimes and will deny entry to someone convicted of DUI or physical control or certain charges when reduced from a DUI or physical control charge. Under certain circumstances, you may be able to get special permission to enter the country.

What information should I bring to a meeting with a lawyer?

You should bring any paperwork that you were provided by the police or that you have received from the court. However, in a DUI or physical control case it is common that you may not have much paperwork. Typically, the arresting officer will provide you with a breath test ticket documenting your breath test results if you took one and a hearing request form to send in to the Department of Licensing. If you have questions about specific documents, you should bring those with you for the attorney to review. If you do not have any paperwork, that is fine — we will generally be able to obtain the information necessary to advise you.

How much will it cost to meet with a lawyer?

We offer a free initial consultation to meet with us and review your case for as much time as you need to get your questions answered. After we have more information about the specifics of your case, we will be able to discuss our fees with you. Generally, on DUI or physical control related cases, we charge a flat fee to represent you on the entire case. This is helpful in that it gives you certainty about how much you will be paying in legal fees.