Traffic Infraction


Petersen Law PLLC specializes in traffic law, and in particular, helping you get your Seattle and Tacoma speeding tickets dismissed. Having fought King County and Tacoma speeding tickets for years, we have a reputation for affordable services with an excellent outcome to keep your driving record clean.

Petersen Law PLLC specializes in speeding tickets, radar tickets, laser tickets, HOV tickets, failure to yield tickets, Negligent Driving 2 tickets, Reckless Driving, Red light tickets, Hit and Run charges, cell phone tickets, and much more.

Petersen Law PLLC strives to make the court process as easy and efficient for our clients as possible. By charging a low flat fee for handling infractions, you know that you’re not getting overcharged. And by retaining the services of an traffic attorney / speeding ticket attorney, most judges will never require you to step into a courtroom. The highly professional, reliable and efficient staff is committed to making the legal experience a positive one.