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My goal is to obtain the best possible result for each one of my clients on their DUI or criminal charge. That means access to me as your attorney not only after hours as an emergency situation arises, but also during the week, not just support staff. As part of having a DUI attorney / criminal attorney review your case, it’s important that you know that someone has taken the time to review the evidence, including the a thorough investigation of your case, and that your DUI attorney / criminal attorney is looking out for your best interest.

A DUI arrest can come out of the blue, at any time, and under any circumstances. The mere odor of intoxicants will almost always lead to a DUI investigation, and frequently lead to arrest. Knowing what to do next is crucial. At Petersen Law, we know how stressful this situation can be. Every fact scenario is unique, and just like our clients, deserves to be treated individually and with attention. No matter what the circumstances of your arrest, we’re here to fight for our clients, and get results.

Whether or not you are innocent, you need a good Tacoma DUI attorney on your side. Even a first offense DUI carries mandatory jail time and driver’s license suspension. Without experienced help, you have little chance of getting the results you deserve. And a bad result can follow you for a long time.

We are DUI lawyers, and we’ve been representing people with their Tacoma DUI and Seattle DUI, and all surrounding courts, for the past decade. We help people every day fight their DUI charges, and we enjoy the fight. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, call me today, and I’ll show you what I can do.


I am the founder and owner of Petersen Law PLLC, Auburn’s exclusive DUI and criminal defense law firm. This firm was started while working with some of the best Pierce County DUI attorneys and King County DUI attorneys in the business, and I hold my law firm to the high level of expertise, but with the idea that every client deserves to have their own attorney represent them, not an associate. Through my years of experience I’ve learned just how important having an experienced attorney is fighting your Seattle or Tacoma DUI or criminal charge. Not just experience with the law, but experience in the court that your case is being litigated. The right attorney can be the difference between a great or disappointing outcome.

The right experience doesn’t just come from studying the law, it comes from practicing it. Not just in one court, but all of them. At Petersen Law, your Seattle / Tacoma DUI attorney will have thousands of hours of time spent fighting DUI cases on a daily basis. And not just in the courtroom, but also with Department of Licensing, fighting to help people keep their driving privileges.

My office is located in Auburn, WA, conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma. I am also a DUI attorney member of the National College for DUI Defense, an organization that specializes in the science of fighting DUI cases, as well as the Washington State and Pierce County Bar Association. These resources help me stay ahead of the game, and ahead of the prosecution.

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